Welcome to Delizie Italiane Bakery & Bistro

Welcome to Delizie! In case you were wondering, "Delizie" means delicacies. Yes, everything we make at Delizie is a delicacy! From our own in-house made pasta to our scrumptious cakes and pastries, everything is made in-house using the best local and imported ingredients. We brine and roast our own turkey and we use local free-range chicken and eggs. We make our own stocks, dressings, sauces, breads and pastries; we don’t cut corners here at Delizie! We are a team of dedicated people trying to offer our customers the best products and service we can…everything is hand crafted with love and you will taste the difference. All our customers are treated the same, whether they are buying a coffee or ordering a catering for 200 people…we value each and everyone the same. Come and experience what Delizie is all about…you will be hooked!

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